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Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN) is a non-profit community and variety television network run predominantly by volunteers in Loma Linda, California, United States. LLBN has worldwide 24/7 coverage through its 5 networks: LLBN English, LLBN Arabic, LLBN Chinese, LLBN Latino , and LLBN South Asia. Broadcast can be received via GloryStar Satellite Systems - Galaxy 19, Internet video streaming on each website, IPTV services such as Roku and Roku devices (find LLBN under BrightStarTV), Joozoor TV and many more, and Verizon FiOS and cable/low and high power TV stations in select areas. LLBN English broadcasts on Glorystar channel 105, along with LLBN Arabic on Glorystar channel 405 and LLBN Latino on Glorystar channel 505.

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