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Noor Dubai

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Company: Dubai Media Incorporated

A Satellite channel belonging to the Dubai Media Corporation , its broadcasting center of Dubai, and keep track of the Dubai group channels . Start: Was to begin broadcasting this channel on the morning of Monday, September 1, 2008 corresponding to 1 September 1429 Goals: Channel aims , according to Abdul Latif Al Sayegh, CEO of the Arab Group overseeing the channel to: devote social and human values ​​and religious and Arab Emirates . And the transfer of the street Emirati officials and decision-makers. Channel programs : Channel programs will follow the moderate religious approach in their programs and delves into the issues of society and find solutions to them. Radio chanting religious hymns and Emirati Arabs Provide Analsahabh programs and influential religious figures Channel continued : Comes an extension of the channel Noor Dubai Radio , which was launched two years ago.

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