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Al Eqtisadiyah

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Channel specialized care the Saudi economy and the Gulf and global sits on a map of programs Channel Seven news bulletins daily exposure every two hours from ten o'clock am in addition to the time 24 , a news program Live daily shows at 24 GMT is made over one hour events and reports today as hosts one of the analysts to analyze closures American market which coincides closed with a time of presentation of the program , and contains the channel on specialized programs in economics and follow the local market and the Gulf and global direct and analytical as a path Stock Exchange, the energy and metals , and the program midday , the program late trading. Permeates the channel public programs directly Like weekly Consulting program and prepared and submitted by the media big Broadcaster Dr / Solomon Eidi , in addition to a morning show Variety , a program most of the morning , which displays nine o'clock am GMT from Saturday to Wednesday and submit Broadcaster / Emad next, and announcer / Mannar Ghanayem , as well as the weekly program Manifold with you to prepare and submit Broadcaster / absolute Subaie Broadcaster / Adel Turkish as displayed on the map of channel programs, other programs to discuss community issues , such as the Observatory of the preparation and submission of Broadcaster / Thamer Al - Ajmi in conjunction with the Broadcaster / Yahya increases . Includes channel crew broadcasters and announcers distinct in dumping news and also in analytical software Kalmvea / Abdul Rahman

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