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Site concerned with the provision of TV channels and programs dates of these channels even easier to watch these channels and follow-up without any special programs or settings and free.
Do not broadcast any location pornographic channels or channels beyond public decency - Click here to report any violation of channel
Users may be converted Roomy TV site to other sites to watch some foreign channels.
The users are saved inside Roomy TV databases in order to save your favorite channels and private data (such as name, language, country and e-mail address and password, etc.).
Some may be saved inside your cookies in order to use it when you log Roomy TV such as language used to browse the site or in the case of keeping your e-mail address and password to be logged in automatically.
Pledge to save the confidentiality of your data when you register as a new user at the site Roomy TV and do not take it out outside databases Roomy TV to anyone whether governments or companies or individuals.
We undertake not to Abuse users data within Roomy TV databases.

Last update of the policies of the site has been in the June 6, 2013

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